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Employment Law

Ciriello Law offers legal services and solutions to your employment law problems whether you are a business, a professional, a non-profit, or an individual (non-unionized) employee. Robert is renowned for his capacity for thorough, considerate, and strategic problem-solving.

Appropriately navigating the labour, employment, and human resource landscapes is essential to attracting, retaining, and motivating employees and by extension successfully maintaining and developing your business.

The representatives of Ciriello Law work with clients to provide proactive, pragmatic and cost-effective advice. Whether you need help managing workplace change, structuring employment contracts, human rights training, creating risk management and compliance programs, we have the in-depth knowledge and experience required. In the event that a dispute may arise, we will help you defuse tension among stakeholders and skillfully represent your interests in court, before tribunals or at arbitration. As skilled negotiators and mediators our approach is to minimize impacts to clients by uncovering and communicating the risk and exposures early within the process and work towards a strategic resolution. 

To get up-to-date information about the relevant labour, employment and human rights considerations and key legislation impacting you or your business operations, please contact us.

For Employees

  • Contract and Job Offer review

  • Severance Package review and negotiation

  • Wrongful Dismissal/Constructive Dismissal

  • HR Violations and Harassment Issues

  • Temporary Layoffs, Leaves of Absence and Return to Work

  • COVID-19 and Employment Rights

For Employers

  • Workplace Investigations

  • Employment Standards Compliance

  • Employment and other Contracts

  • HR training and workshops

  • On-boarding and Off-boarding support, Severance Packages

  • Recruitment and retention practices and procedures

  • Employment Policies and Handbooks

  • Change Management

  • Conflict resolution

  • COVID-19 Return to Work Obligations

For Legal Professionals

  • Mediation (including virtual/online mediations)

  • Mediation-Arbitration

  • ADR Consulting and Coaching

  • Early Neutral Evaluation


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