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Ciriello Mediation

We provide our clients with comprehensive mediation services to effectively resolve disputes and foster harmonious workplace and personal relationships.

Law Firm

Labor & Employment

For our clients, we offer a whole spectrum of labour and employment mediation services, from assisting them in managing workplace transformation and avoiding constructive dismissal problems, to helping them negotiate employment contracts and providing representation for mediations in post-employment issues, including wrongful dismissal.


Business and Corporate

These disputes could range from relatively minor cases such as fulfillment of a contract or disagreements between neighbours over an easement, to larger issues such as deficiencies in the construction of a commercial building, where millions of dollars are on the line. 

Law Firm

Family Disputes

For mediation in a family dispute, we act as an experienced guide through the process of resolving matters such as separation, divorce, child or spousal support, custody or access to children, helping to facilitate discussions and negotiations between the parties with the goal of reaching an agreement.  Your privacy is of utmost importance to our firm and the information will be treated with sensitivity and confidentiality

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