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Ciriello Law

We offer our clients a full range of legal services in the AI, privacy, employment, business and human resources area.

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AI Technology

Ciriello Law leverages AI technologies to fortify data privacy and cybersecurity efforts. AI aids in the identification and analysis of potential security threats by continuously monitoring vast amounts of data, detecting anomalies, and predicting potential risks. Additionally, AI-powered tools assist in the automation of routine tasks such as contract review, enabling us to focus on high-value tasks and ensuring compliance with data privacy regulations. By harnessing AI's capabilities, Ciriello Law can proactively address security challenges, strengthen client confidentiality, and navigate the complex landscape of data protection laws, thereby fostering a more resilient and secure legal environment.

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Labor & Employment

For our clients, we offer a whole spectrum of employment legal services, from assisting them in managing workplace transformation and avoiding constructive dismissal problems to helping them structure employment contracts and providing representation in post-employment litigation, including wrongful dismissal cases.

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Human Resources

Our Human Resources practise offers clients the strategic, useful advice they require to address the special challenges of these issues as ground-breaking new law continues to be produced by human rights tribunals, arbitration boards, and courts across Canada on contentious issues.

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Information, Data Security & Privacy

With a variety of information and data-related issues concerning security and privacy incident response, as well as security, privacy policies, impact assessments and compliance, our information, data security, and privacy practice assists clients in the public and private sectors. We also offer assistance in cases concerning the defence against complaints and claims regarding privacy, information and data.

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Pay Equity

Both the provincial Ontario Pay Fairness Act and the Canadian Human Rights Act require employers to establish and maintain pay equity.  Ciriello Law can conduct compliance audits, develop strategies to deal with identified vulnerabilities, assist in drafting pay equity plans and provide strategic advice during collective bargaining agreements.

Business Law

Ciriello Law advises clients on the wide array of legal issues arising from their pursuit of strategic and commercial success, from day-to-day operations through to strategic initiatives and complex transactions that transform the business.

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Municipal Law

Ciriello Law provides a full range of legal services in all aspects of municipal law to both urban and rural municipalities and private parties across the province.

Estate Planning

Ciriello Law provides a full range of legal services in all aspects of Estate Planning, including, wills, power of attorney and person finance for parties across Ontario.

Real estate
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